Hola. I'm Thomas. I’m a full-stack web developer based in Chiswick, West London. I’ll build you a cleanly designed and impeccably coded website. So far, I’ve worked mainly with other freelancers across a range of industries, but I also work with businesses of any size. I dabble in creating apps and playing with data, too.
Aside from web development, I enjoy designing games and animated stories with my son. I’m really into sustainable housing, and I bake delightful bread.

A few of my projects.

Mac Wifi Speed

A tool for testing a Mac’s Wifi speed directly from the Mac menu bar. I built it using the Menubar module for electron. For the landing page I used Bootstrap 4 along with some custom CSS.

Free Code Camp Calculator

Part of the Free Code Camp ‘Front End Libraries Projects’ this project is functionally similar to this pen on The specs for the project can be found on Free Code Camp.

Free Code Camp Pomodoro Clock

This one is the Free Code Camp Pomodoro Clock project. It is built using the React framework. Functionally it is similar to this pen on codepen. The specs are available on Free Code Camp.

Free Code Camp Markdown Previewer

Free Code Camp Markdown Previewer. Built using React.

Free Code Camp Landing Page

Another Free Code Camp Project. This one is part of the ‘Responsive Web Design Projects’. To build it I used HTML with the Materialize CSS framework. The specs can be found on Free Code Camp.

Get in touch.

Your best bet is to give me a shout on Twitter. I’m also on Github or even Linkedin if that's your flavour.